NYT Spelling Bee 1-2-21 final

Hello from Day 44 of the current California COVID constant curfew.

For two puzzles in a row, I’ve not found a single pangram. Great way to start off 2021! Yesterday I missed three words. One of them was TORN.

Meatier misses

PROMONTORY: A point of high land that juts out into a large body of water; a headland.

From etymonline:

“high point of land or rock projecting into the sea beyond the line of a coast,” 1540s, from French promontoire (15c.) and directly from Medieval Latin promontorium, altered (by influence of Latin mons “mount, hill”) from Latin promunturium “mountain ridge, headland,” which is probably related to prominere “jut out” (see prominent). Related: Promontorial; promontorious.

TOPONYMY: The study of place names. I got toponym, but that’s where that word ended.

Today’s summary

Final score: 61 words for 253 points.
Genius minimum: 232 points.
Frist word: COOLED
Pangram: ?????????????

It’s a dichotomy for coders!

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