NYT Spelling Bee 1-3-21 final

Hello from Day 45 of the current California COVID constant curfew.

It feels like it’s going to rain really soon because I’m all kinds of antsy.

This spelling bee was really short in general and especially compared to yesterday’s. I hope Monday’s is a little longer than this. Maybe in the low hundreds.

Yesterday I missed a bunch, which is fine because there were like a million words. CODED, CYCLE, CYCLED, DECO, DOLLED, EDDY, EMCEE, EMCEED, MODEM, and OLEO were the easy words I missed.

Meatier misses

MOLLYCODDLE: Treat (someone) in an indulgent or overprotective way.
MOLLYCODDLED: The past tense of the above.

My brother in law apparently got these right away. Go, him!

Today’s summary

Final score: 20 words for 61 points.
Genius minimum: 57 points.
First word: HOPE.
Pangram: HOMEPAGE.


Womp womp
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