WSJ Contest 1-8-21 Answer

It’s all but guaranteed that my answer is wrong, but damned if I didn’t put effort into it.

The answer I was going to submit is ESSAY. I decided against that while writing this.

This can’t possibly be the answer because there’s nothing supporting it, but it’s the only thing that I can come up with that has to do with English class.

The AP part of AP English was–and still is–bothering me.

I had gone down that route.

Any AP together might have indicated something I could use. Perhaps letters in between A and P could tell me something. It did not.

I looked to see if SA could get me anywhere for ESSAY.

No dice there, either.

Maybe the longest answers would help?

Didn’t seem like it.

Then I realized something that was sure to break this wide open!

The A and the P were right there! That just had to be something. It couldn’t not be!

After staring at it longer, I decided that I’d go with ADJECTIVE.

All the letters are there! Who knows!

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