NYT Spelling Bee 1-11-21 final

Hello from Day 53 of the current California COVID constant curfew. There was way less political action than I had thought there would be.

I missed a bunch yesterday. Easy ones were ALTAR, AORTA, AORTAL, ATTRACTOR, CARAT, TALC, TALL, TARTAR, and TROT.

In other news, I failed to mention that I got yesterday’s second pangram: DOCTORAL.

Meatier Misses

ATTAR: A fragrant essential oil, typically made from rose petals.
COACT: to act or work together. In an early draft, Trump said: “I didn’t coact, and I didn’t obstruct.”
COACTOR: one who acts with another. “I was the only actor. And I was perfect. There were NO coactors!”
DOTARD: An old person, especially one who has become physically weak or whose mental faculties have declined. Get him out!
TOCCATA: A musical composition for a keyboard instrument designed to exhibit the performer’s touch and technique. I knew this but forgot it.

Today’s summary

Final score: 40 words for 158 points.
Genius minimum: 155 points.
First word: CALF.
Pangram: FANCIFUL.

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