NYT Spelling Bee 1-13-21 final

Hello from Day 55 of the current California COVID constant curfew. Soooooo the second impeachment of Donald Trump has happened! That’s crazy! Also Mitch McConnell saaaaaays he’s not going to call the senate back into session, but we know that if he has the votes that he will. Let’s hope he comes up with the votes.

I missed GIGOLO and RIGOR.

Meatier Misses

HOROLOGIC: Relating to the study and measurement of time.
CORGI: A dog of a short-legged breed with a foxlike head.

This is why this is in Meatier Misses.

ICHOR: A watery discharge from a wound.

Today’s summary

Final score: 43 words for 147 points.
Genius minimum: 125 points.


Final score: 44 words for 152 points.
Genius minimum: 125 points.
Newest word: LOOFA.
First word: AFOUL.
Pangram: FORMULA.

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