How’s everyone doing?

I write this at about 4:30pm on Friday, so the world currently is in limbo between the impeachment and the trial. Also between the impeachment and the inauguration.

We’ve got a heat wave in LA, and that’s going to last the long weekend.

And then there have been rumors of all kinds of civil unrest. That is to say MAGA rallies at every state capitol. If DC were a state, it would have the two capitols. Crazy.

I’m going to have the usual news sources up on the screens so I can see what’s going on and so I can play Pardon Me! bingo. I’ve created bingo boards with the names of people who may be pardoned in Trump’s last days in office. There are more names than there are spaces on the boards, so of the (free version capped at 30) iterations of it, not all of them have all the same names.


Stay safe and healthy. I hope the day is uneventful.

As usual for a Saturday post, I’ve written this Friday afternoon. If a ton has happened since time of writing that makes yesterday a distant memory, here’s what the world looked like then:

Tommy Lasorda passed away.

Betsy DeVos has resigned.
Elaine Chao has resigned.
Mick Mulvaney has resigned.
Hope Hicks will be leaving next week.

Ben Carson was trending because people are making fun of him.

Trump remains divisive.

Tucker Carlson has been abusing this audience with

Biden says he’s been saying that Trump is not fit to lead for more than a year. “That’s why I ran,” he said today.

Reported domestic single-day COVID-related deaths topped 4000 for the first time.

Kim and Kanye are splitsville.

No one knows where Melania is.

Ted Lieu announced that he’s bringing articles of impeachment on Monday.

This came after Nancy Pelosi has asked Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and later demanded Trump resign. Doesn’t look like either will happen.

But the impeachment articles on Monday and Ben Sasse saying that he is willing to consider convicting in the senate. We can’t forget that Mark Kelly has replaced Martha McSally in John McCain’s old seat.

Ossoff and Warnock may be sworn in next week.

They need only 66 votes because David Perdue of Georgia bounced a few days ago when his term expired. Kelly Loeffler is still the appointee until they certify the votes in GA.

I have all kinds of news feeds set up to inform me of developments throughout Shabbat.


Los Angeles Times Left-Center
Washington Post Left-Center
New York Times Left-Center
Wall Street Journal Right-Center
CNN Left
Fox News Right

Deutsche Welle Left-Center from Germany
BBC Left-Center from the UK
NHK Right-Center from Japan


Commentary/Trump bashing:
Lincoln Project twitter

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