Is today sunny?

They say today is supposed to be sunny. By today I mean tomorrow because it’s Friday afternoon for me.

According to the National Weather Service, it will be a sunny day on Saturday. High of like 60 and low in the 40s. Too cold for LA.

Now, the gamma squeeze for $GME is crazy. I don’t blame people for wanting to go after people who are going the wrong way in the stock market.

Short selling isn’t illegal. It’s kind of dickish because you’re betting something will fail, but to some extent, you’d normally sell stock you’ve purchased because you think it will drop in price. Someone else is a sucker for buying the thing you think will lose value.

Shorting stock is risky. If it had no risk involved, more people would be OK with doing it. Stigma schtigma.

But it’s risky and it’s expensive to do.

That’s what makes it so spectacular when it fails.

Bill Ackman famously shorted Herbalife and LOST A BILLION DOLLARS.

There’s more to discuss here. But that’s all for me for now.

Have great weekend.

And remember:


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