NYT Spelling Bee 1-30-31 final

Hello from Day 6 of the hasty reopening of California. In the news today, California restaurants can open, but they cannot use any televisions. Why go to a bar if you can’t watch sports? To get COVID! Yaaaaaaay. But the vaccines are becoming more widely available, so PLEASE don’t listen to the antivaxx because seriously?


Meatier Misses

OUTGONE: past tense of outgo.
TONNE: dumb spelling of ton.
UNGUENT: A soft greasy or viscous substance used as ointment or for lubrication.

from etymonline: “ointment,” early 15c., from Latin unguentem “ointment,” from stem of unguere “to anoint or smear with ointment,” from PIE root *ongw- “to salve, anoint” (source also of Sanskrit anakti “anoints, smears,” Armenian aucanem “I anoint,” Old Prussian anctan “butter,” Old High German ancho, German anke “butter,” Old Irish imb, Welsh ymenyn “butter”).

Today’s summary

Final score: 29 words for 116 points.
Genius minimum: 114 points.
First word: CHILL.
Pangram: I don’t believe any pangram in this puzzle is a real word!

What’s the Difference Between Chile, Chili, and Chilli?

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