NYT Spelling Bee 2-1-21 final

Hello from Day 8 of the opening of California. 2/1/21 so 2121 today. It rained this morning and is supposed to rain tomorrow night. Crazy weather for LA in February. Either way, it’s supposed to max out at 69 tomorrow.

I barely eked out a genius finish tonight. Likely I missed a bunch yet, but it was a pretty long spelling bee.

Yesterday I missed BOHO, BOOBOO, HOLY, LOLL, ROLL, and YOOHOO.

Meatier Misses

BRIO: Vigor or vivacity of style or performance.
From etymonline: “liveliness, vivacity,” 1734, from Italian brio “mettle, fire, life,” perhaps a shortened derivative of Latin ebrius “drunk.” Or via Proven├žal briu “vigor,” from Celtic *brig-o- “strength,” from PIE root *gwere- (1) “heavy.” Probably it entered English via the musical instruction con brio.
My take on this was, “Oh, it’s like borracho.” Calah said, “Oh, like inebriated.” She’s right. I’m wrong. Borracho is a portmanteau of botella and morratxa.
ROILY: (chiefly of water) muddy; turbulent.

Today’s summary

Final score: 55 words for 268 points.
Genius minimum: 265 points.
First word: LONGING.

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