NYT Spelling Bee 2-5-21 final

Hello from Day 12 of the opening of California. It’s supposed to get warmer over the weekend. Forecast says 76 tomorrow. Good day to take a walk.

I was surprised by today’s spelling bee. I went to sleep before midnight for the first time in a while. Or at least I thought I had. I checked the spelling bee in the app mid-morning and saw that I’d made some progress. It was pretty smooth sailing until this afternoon when I wanted to get a few more words to push me over to line to genius… only to find that the I had made very little progress. Duped by the app! So I started to try to find whatever I could. Then I found this when I went back to the app:

Super annoyed at this. Restarting the app didn’t help. Doing the mini didn’t help. Force stopping the app was to no benefit.



Meatier Misses

ROTGUT: Poor-quality and potentially harmful alcoholic drink.

I had heard that moonshine can make you blind. No, not like beer goggles blind. Like actual bind. Permanently.

I decided to look it up in the obvious place: Garden & Gun magazine.

This popped up on the site right below “Get the Best of the South.”

OK, I’d never heard of the magazine before, but it seems to have way more to do with the former than it does with the latter. Before clicking on the link, I had expected as site that would get me on an ATF watchlist by falling into at least two of those three categories with a single tap.

Legitimate writer/stringer and fellow WordPress user Brent Crane covered this topic almost exactly three years ago for the aforementioned publication. The conclusion is yes. Methanol will blind you. As the saying goes: The difference between methanol and ethanol is m. Also that methanol breaks down into deadly formaldehyde after you drink it while ethanol turns into harmless water, carbon dioxide, and things you wish you hadn’t done.

So there you have it.

Today’s summary

Final score: 48 words for 172 points.
Genius minimum: 168 points.
First word: FOULED.
Pangram: Lauren says there is at least one. I quit before finding it.

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