NYT Spelling Bee 2-8-21 final

Hello from Day 15 of the reopening of California. Tomorrow at 9:30 starts the opening of the impeachment trial. Half an hour later, my newest woodworking blog post drops. This project takes come crazy turns, let me tell you! Seriously. Let me tell you. It’s worth reading about.


Meatier Misses

ECOTONE: A region of transition between two biological communities.
ECOTYPE: A distinct form or race of a plant or animal species occupying a particular habitat.

Pygmy woolly mammoths lived on the Channel Islands in California. They were like six feet tall. Whoa. Did you hear that? It was the sound of ocelot dropping off many top-10 coolest pets lists.


NETTY: Really? Net-like?
OOCYTE: A cell in an ovary which may undergo meiotic division to form an ovum.
TOPE: archaic, literary Drink alcohol to excess, especially on a regular basis. Sooooo pre-COVID college?

Today’s summary

Final score: 18(!) words for 47(!) points.
Genius minimum: 44 points!
First word: GULF.
Final word: GOOGOL.

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About raabidfun

I'm a guy living the #raabidfun lifestyle. I figured I would create a blog about crossword puzzles I do. The idea is to do the NYT crossword and the WSJ crossword daily as much as I can. That includes when I don't finish and have clearly failed. They can be difficult. Also I am not an attorney, and any legal analysis in this blog reflects my interpretation, which means it can be flawed and should not be relied upon for use in legal matters (especially against me).

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