NYT Spelling Bee 2-13-21 final

Hello from Day 21 of the opening of California. Wow was today a disgrace. Trump’s attorney was literally laughed at by the Senate. And still they acquitted, despite a net gain of seven. I was fuming today. And then Mitch McConnell gave that rebuke after he voted to acquit. Get outta town. He made these remarks after credits started rolling. Who was watching then? Really lame stuff. But, yeah, the laughing at the attorney should color the acquittal for history.


Meatier Misses

ENHALO: to surround with or as if with a halo
GALENA: A bluish, grey, or black mineral of metallic appearance, consisting of lead sulphide. It is the chief ore of lead.
HOGAN: A traditional Navajo Indian hut of logs and earth.

You can stay in a hogan!

Today’s summary

Final score: 35 words for 112 points.
Genius minimum: 116 points.
First word: BOFFO.
Pangram: Yeah, right.

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