NYT Spelling Bee 2-14-21 final

Hello from Day 22 of the reopening of California. And happy Valentine’s Day. It’s been quite the windy day here in LA. Sustained winds in the high-teens and gusts in the upper-20s.

Yesterday I missed the pangram, NONBELIEF. Unbelievable! Also BELIE and BELLE.

Meatier Misses

BOBBIN: A cylinder or cone holding thread, yarn, or wire, used especially in weaving, machine sewing, and lacemaking.

Ever wonder how a sewing machine works?

ENFEEBLE: Make weak or feeble.
ENNOBLE: Give (someone) a noble rank or title.
LIBELEE: Someone who was defamed through writing.

Today’s summary

Final score: 32 words for 149 points.
Genius minimum: 146 points.
First word: CURRANT.
Pangram: TURNCOAT.
It really seems like TURNCOAT isn’t there by accident. After yesterday’s betrayal of our country. Jeez.

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