NYT Spelling Bee 2-20-21 final

Hello from Day 28 of the reopening of California. There are reports that the H5N8 bird flu has appeared in humans in Russia. I don’t know if this is genuine or if Russia is trying to start more craziness as we start to emerge from the COVID mire.

Yesterday I missed the other pangram ANALOGIZING as well as AIOLI, LANAI, LINING, LIONIZING, NONAGONAL, OOLONG, and ZONAL.

Meatier Misses

GALANGAL: An Asian plant of the ginger family, the aromatic rhizome of which is widely used in cooking and herbal medicine.

It’s not ginger!

GANGLING: (of a person) tall, thin, and awkward in movements or bearing. Like Jeff Francis: All elbows and kneecaps.

GANGLION/GANGLIA: A structure containing a number of nerve cell bodies, typically linked by synapses, and often forming a swelling on a nerve fiber.
GLIA: The connective tissue of the nervous system, consisting of several different types of cell associated with neurons.
GLIAL: Related to the above.
LONGAN: An edible juicy fruit from a plant related to the lychee, cultivated in Southeast Asia.

Today’s summary

Final score: 48 words for 206 points.
Genius minimum: 189 points.
First word: ALLOWED.

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