Woodworking: First-ever chairs project (Part 7)

To this point, I had been concerned that the chairs project was doomed. As of the writing of this post, the chairs still are not completely done, and as I’ve established before, I prefer for my projects to work out fully, but I don’t know at the start if they will. And I don’t wait till I know to start writing about them. This looked… bad.

So when the chair fit together, I was stunned. And invigorated.

And that got me to start thinking in new ways.

At the outset of this project, I had spent a lot of time sanding the orange paint and white primer off the chairs instead of using a liquid or gel paint stripper. It was tedious work and difficult to get into the corners.

Quick background:

My college roommate, Darren, and I still exchange birthday presents. This summer we’ll be a full decade removed from living together at UCSB, and while he now lives in San Diego and I live in LA, we’re still great friends. The stuff we get each other range from gag gift to extremely useful and suddenly necessary.

For my most recent birthday, Darren got me a set of chisels. I didn’t know how I’d place them into service, but I was thankful that I had tools I wouldn’t have thought to purchase on my own.

Without the chisels, I’d probably still be sanding.

I realized that I could use the chisels to shave off what I needed to, get into the tight areas that are hard to reach with a sander, and possibly do this without affecting the wood underneath.

So I began to do that. And the results were crazy.

Of course, there would still have to be some sanding to get everything smooth.

More on that and additional challenges I faced next week.

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