NYT Spelling Bee 3-13-21 final

The clocks change tonight! Back when work meant showing up in at the office or at a client site, this was always a scary time for me because waking up even a little late to go to a place half 45 minutes away could be disastrous. But now it’s all remote, so it’s not so bad.

Yesterday I missed VELVET, though I could have sworn I put that in.

Meatier Misses

GAVAGE: The administration of food or drugs by force, especially to an animal, typically through a tube leading down the throat to the stomach.

The way to a man on a hunger strike’s heart?

LAVAGE: Washing out of a body cavity, such as the colon or stomach, with water or medicated solution.

The way to a sick man’s heart?

VEGETAL: formal Relating to plants.

Today’s summary

Final score: 44 words for 157 points.
Genius minimum: 144 points.
First word: PELLET.
Pangram: POTENTLY.

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