Spring Break

I’ve seen the videos of spring breakers on the beach in Florida and elsewhere. It’s not the pandemic that’s making me question what they’re doing. Well, OK, yeah, it is. But it’s not JUST the pandemic that’s confusing me about what they’re doing.

See, when I was in college, spring break was a break from the classes and the homework and everything. You got relief from the heavy learning you were doing.

Except I went to UCSB. The school gave you access to really whatever you wanted to do at the fullest. You want to learn from extremely accomplished professors? Go for it! You want to study all the time? You got it! You wanna get drunk and party? Tons of opportunity there, too. It was pretty great.

With remote learning in college now, what do people have to spring break from? If they don’t care about pandemic, what’s been stopping them? Sure, Halloween was more partying in Santa Barbara back then, but that was mostly out of towners who converged on UCSB to go crazy.

If I were in college now and didn’t care about distancing requirements, I don’t know that I would have the motivation to go to a crazy spring break.

But that’s just me.

Stay safe, everyone! We’re getting close to emerging from this pandemic if we can just hold out a little longer.

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