NYT Spelling Bee 3-19-21 final

The weekend is here! March Madness is here! At 10am tomorrow, my weekly Saturday blog drops. Tomorrow’s is about college basketball and how I went about making my bracket.

Yesterday I missed ABACI, BIBLICAL, CIAO, and GALA,

Meatier Misses

BACILLI: A rod-shaped bacterium.

Yours for cheap because it’s fun!

BOOGALOO: A modern dance to rock-and-roll music performed with swiveling and shuffling movements of the body, originally popular in the 1960s.
CABALA: Oh just a weird spelling of Kabbalah.
CALLALOO: The large edible leaves of a tropical American plant, widely used in Caribbean cooking.
CLOACA: A common cavity at the end of the digestive tract for the release of both excretory and genital products in vertebrates (except most mammals) and certain invertebrates. Specifically, the cloaca is present in birds, reptiles, amphibians, most fish, and monotremes.

Today’s summary

Final score: 23 words for 78 points.
Genius minimum: 78 points.
First word: LUNAR.

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