NYT Spelling Bee 3-23-21 final

The puzzles these past couple days have been long. SO many words. More than 80 words over the past two days just for the ones I found. Today was more than two score. I miss the short ones.


Meatier Misses

CAIMAN/CAYMAN: A semiaquatic reptile similar to the alligator but with a heavily armored belly, native to tropical America.

Kinda creepy that you can buy them for about as much as a portable table saw.

CANTATA: A medium-length narrative piece of music for voices with instrumental accompaniment, typically with solos, chorus, and orchestra.
CATMINT: weird word for catnip.
INCANT: Chant or intone.
MYNA: An Asian and Australasian starling that typically has dark plumage, gregarious behavior, and a loud call.

It just looks so impatient.

Today’s summary

Final score: 44 words for 240 points.
Genius minimum: 239 points.
First word: CALLA.
Pangram: CELIBATE.

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