NYT Spelling Bee 4-7-21 final

I learned something to day about the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power: They do tree trimming at no cost to you! They want to make sure that the wires don’t get taken over by trees, so they send out guys to trim the trees. I think that’s nice. They say that people who aren’t certified to trim trees around wires absolutely shouldn’t do that. There’s even a certification for it.


Meatier Misses

AGATE: An ornamental stone consisting of a hard variety of chalcedony, typically banded in appearance.

HAMATE: A carpal bone situated on the lower outside edge of the hand. It has a hook-shaped projection on the palmar side to which muscles of the little finger are attached.

You looked, didn’t you?! Anyway, here’s more of this x-ray.

Today’s summary

Final score: 28 words for 145 points.
Genius minimum: 141 points.
First word: POLYGAMY.
Pangram: POLYGAMY.

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I'm a guy living the #raabidfun lifestyle. I figured I would create a blog about crossword puzzles I do. The idea is to do the NYT crossword and the WSJ crossword daily as much as I can. That includes when I don't finish and have clearly failed. They can be difficult. Also I am not an attorney, and any legal analysis in this blog reflects my interpretation, which means it can be flawed and should not be relied upon for use in legal matters (especially against me).

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