NYT Spelling Bee 4-11-21 final

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who works in the accounting and consulting side of restructuring businesses. We agreed that I look at accounting with businesses continuing to survive. You really can only work with a company on credit if you think it will continue to exist, and that is what the going concern principle is. The concern will keep going. But since he works in the restructuring and bankruptcy, he lives by different rules. I offered that he uses the going, going, gone principle. I’m not so smart that I’m the first person who has ever made that joke, but I’ve not heard it anywhere, so I came to it on my own.

Yesterday I missed ADDEND, ADDENDA, ADENINE, AGENDA, AIDE (though I got AIDED), DEAN, IDEA, KINDA, NAIAD, and NANNIED. Shame on me for missing ENGAGE, ENGAGED, and ENGAGING.

Meatier Misses

ENNEAD: A group or set of nine.
NANKEEN: A yellowish cotton cloth.

Today’s summary

Final score: 33 words for 120 points.
Genius minimum: 116 points.
First word: FUNNEL.

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