NYT Spelling Bee 5-2-21 final

I have some exciting news about the woodworking blog series: When my chairs series is complete, I’ll have a new series about some tables. A quick preview on those: They came from Albuquerque with no legs, and the project so far has resulted in me getting some new tools and trying new methods. As for the results? Currently unknown! Stay tuned on Tuesdays!


Meatier Misses

MYNA: An Asian and Australasian starling that typically has dark plumage, gregarious behavior, and a loud call.

“I’m a little duck. Quack quack quack quack quack.”

NETTY: A toilet, especially an earth closet. Earth closet! I understand now! An earth closet is when you poop in the ground but are in a small room! A water closet is when you poop in water and are in a small room, and the poop goes away! Amazing. Also why is this in the spelling bee?

Today’s summary

Final score: 21 words for 106 points.
Genius minimum: 97 points.
First word: PHONIC.

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