NYT Spelling Bee 5-7-21 final

Today the security security torx bits arrived, and I attempted to repair my PS4. The thing had been dying pretty quickly, and I have been scoping prices for the PS5. Calah has said that she doesn’t want the PS5 to appear on our registry, which is fine, I guess. I also recently read that there will be a PS5 redesign, so maybe now isn’t the time to buy a PS5 anyway. I’ve had this PS4 since 2014. The warranty is done, and the thing stopped working mid-game too many times, so what did I have to lose? Having now gone through the entire process of disassembly, cleaning out all the dust, and then reassembly, I was excited when I tried to turn on the PS4 and could! And it stayed on while I did other things today without issue. That was exciting, and I’ll be writing a dedicated post to that in the future.

Yesterday I missed IMPINGING and MINIM. That’s it. So I was the closest I’ve been to Queen Bee in ages.

Meatier Misses

Sorry to disappoint, but none!

Today’s summary

Final score: 26 words for 100 points.
Genius minimum: 100 points.
First word: TILT.
Final word: TRICOT.

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