NYT Spelling Bee 5-8-21 final

So the good news is that the Chinese spacecraft that had tumbled out of control has now crashed back down to earth. They say it landed in the Indian Ocean. Sounds good to me! Or maybe “huge if true!” is a better way of saying it.

And, of course:

Never gets old.


Meatier Misses

OCOTILLO: A spiny scarlet-flowered desert shrub of the southwestern US and Mexico, which is sometimes planted as a hedge.

I guess kids only get pictures from 1985 in Arizona.

ROTOTILL: Break up or till (soil) using a rototiller.

On sale at DR Power for $1,899.99! List price $2,199.99. Wow!

VIOL: A musical instrument of the Renaissance and baroque periods, typically six-stringed, held vertically and played with a bow.

Requirements for play included wearing the throwbacks.

Today’s summary

Final score: 32 words for 169 points. Yay! 25 and 132! Can you feel the powers?!
Genius minimum: 160 points.
First word: MAYORAL.
Pangram: NORMALLY.

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