NYT Spelling Bee 5-12-21 final

I’m now in the fourth season of The Blacklist. It’s gotten so predictable that Calah, who doesn’t even watch the show, overheard some dialog and said, “Well, who didn’t hear that coming?” So why do I watch it? Aren’t there other things to watch? I heard The Queen’s Gambit is terrible, so for what reason am I not watching that instead?

These all are good questions. But I have no answers.

It’s not even like I can’t stop watching a show in the middle. According to Netflix, I had given up on The Blacklist partway through the third season, and I’m pretty sure I made it that far because I had fallen asleep. This was years ago. If it had been recently, I might have gone for The Queen’s Gambit.


Meatier Misses

ABETTAL: Abetment.
BATE: informal, dated British [in singular] An angry mood.
BETEL: The leaf of an Asian evergreen climbing plant that is used in the East as a mild stimulant. Parings of areca nut, lime, and cinnamon are wrapped in the leaf, which is then chewed, causing the saliva to go red and, with prolonged use, the teeth to go black.

Probably not a habit worth picking up.

BLAT: informal Make a bleating sound.
TABLA: A pair of small hand drums attached together, used in Indian music; one is slightly larger than the other and is played using pressure from the heel of the hand to vary the pitch.

Today’s summary

Letters: CAJKOPT
Final score: 21 words for 67 points.
Genius minimum: 65 points.
First word: JACKPOT.
Pangram: JACKPOT.

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