NYT Spelling Bee 5-13-21 final

Is it just me, or is the Spelling Bee interface getting worse and worse? I understand trying to look fancy, but I wish more work would be put into incorporating real words (e.g. MAZAL, MAZEL, TORTA, HORCHATA, ALEE) and getting rid of words whose definitions begin with archaic British literary rare because srsly????


Meatier Misses

COOPT: This is either CO-OPT or dumb spelling of COOPED. I don’t know which. Spend less time on moving the check marks to the left side and more on making a real word list, Ezerksy! Jeez!

Today’s summary

Letters: MACEHLY
Final score: 26 words for 92 points.
Genius minimum: 88 points.
First word: MELEE.
Pangram: ALCHEMY.

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