NYT Spelling Bee 5-14-21 final

I hate the new format so much. It’s ugly and the screen doesn’t capture well for a blog. It’s not my aversion to change that’s doing it. Rather, it’s bad design. And focus on the wrong thing. Ezersky should focus on the word list. Which often is bad. Get it together, Sam!


Meatier Misses

LEMMA: A subsidiary or intermediate theorem in an argument or proof.

from etymonline:

lemma (n.)

1560s, in mathematics, from Greek lemma (plural lemmata) “something received or taken; an argument; something taken for granted,” from root of lambanein “to take,” from PIE root *(s)lagw- “to seize, take” (source also of Sanskrit labhaterabhate “seizes;” Old English læccan “to seize, grasp;” Greek lazomai “I take, grasp;” Old Church Slavonic leca “to catch, snare;” Lithuanian lobis “possession, riches”). Related: Lemmatical.

Gotta love the Proto-Indo-European roots!

Today’s summary

Letters: NACDIMY
Final score: 29 words for 142 points.
Genius minimum: 142 points.
First word: CANDIDACY.
Pangram: DYNAMIC.

You know, Sonny Corleone’s girlfriend!
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