Sad Panda/Open Eye -OR- The University of San Francisco Cites My Blog (Part 1)

I decided to look through my blog’s stats to see what people are looking and how they found me. Often it’s through twitter or through WordPress reader.

That’s why I was surprised when I saw that the University of San Francisco was linking to my blog! gives me 16 click-throughs!

So I tried to find out what was going on. How did I get to be so important in the world of academia?

My first thought is that it wasn’t actually the school’s site but rather the site of a student. But that didn’t make any sense. Why would anyone link to my blog? And where in my blog was interesting to link to?

I mean other than all of it because–and no big deal about this–a New York Times bestselling author many times over, in response to reading my writing, said things I’ve written “are great.”

But that knowledge did not help me with this.

I then tried the actual link and found that it went to the University of San Francisco library????

Either says a lot about me or very little about the USF library.

I kept looking.

Aha! I wrote about Prop 22 a long time ago!

OK so a reference to California Proposition 22! Great! Very happy. I spent some time writing about how the idea to exempt Uber and Lyft from Assembly Bill 5 is garbage. And it mattered! Hooray!


But I wanted to see it in context.

So I went to and was disappointed when I saw no reference to anything I cared about–which is to say I didn’t see reference to me.

But after much confusion and it being like midnight, I realized that there were many group tabs.

Same concept but from the LA Times.

and then there it was:

I was so excited about it that I sent it to Lauren without reading further. Why should I read further? They’re analyzing my work. And I am being looked at in the same conversation as people are looking at where she works!

Her reply: “Sad panda.”

Sad panda? What is sad panda?

I stared to searching because I may have missed a meme. It was likely I’d missed a meme. There’s a sad panda meme out there, right?

sad panda?

More next time!

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