NYT Spelling Bee 5-16-21

I got to genius in about seven minutes. I guess it was to my benefit that it was so short because I had a busy day today. I’m actually writing this a little after midnight on Sunday, so whatever the day has in store it still has in store. So why not write this now? I feel like a late night talk show host who records the show at 9am. You know, except that I post this about the time they go on, and it’s almost a full day before posting.

There will be no Spelling Bee post tomorrow due to the holiday of Shavuot, but I’ve got some other posts planned and preset. I know that even before 1am on Sunday.

Yesterday I missed ADDEND but I got ADDENDA!, ELAN, LUNULA, LUNULAE evey time!, NAAN, NADA, and UNLADE.

Meatier Misses

DUNNED: Made persistent demands on (someone), especially for payment of a debt.
ELAND: A spiral-horned African antelope that lives in open woodland and grassland. It is the largest of the antelopes. I’m really happy this is here while mazal/mazel, horchata, and torta aren’t.

They look so soft! I’m happy to post a pic not from hunting sites. There are a lot on hunting sites.

ENDUE/D: Endow or provide with a quality or ability.
ENNEAD: A group or set of nine. Wow! I am terrible when it comes to nines. I’ve missed NONILLLION an equal number of times as well as NINETEEN and NINE. Good thing I’ve got a 10 for a finacee. (I won’t Spelling Bee tomorrow, and it doesn’t mean I’m not safe! Also she’s way out of my league, but nobody tell her! Shhhhhh!)
LANDAU: A horse-drawn four-wheeled enclosed carriage with a removable front cover and a back cover that can be raised and lowered.

The first BMW whose horsepower was easy to verify.

Today’s summary

Letters: AFGINUW
Final score: 23 words for 122 points.
Genius minimum: 118 points.
First word: AGAIN.

OK I’m headed to bed. It’s 12:50am on Sunday. This is the earliest I’ve ever completed my blog post. While I’m out for Shavuot, scheduled things will post, including the next installment of @ccaallaahh’s cushion series on Tuesday at 10am and other cool stuff on Monday, including the first NYT Crossword in ages.

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