Sad Panda/Open Eye -OR- The University of San Francisco Cites My Blog (Part 2)

So there it was. That’s why I was Sad Panda.

Sad panda: This webpage is not useful–it is a random person’s self-published post.

I was crushed. I had been so proud to be cited. But then I learned I was cited as… sad panda.

That feeling was ephemeral.

It was quickly replaced by: Holy shit! They needed a sad panda and chose me! They’re getting people to read me.

But I reread my post, and I didn’t really like being Sad Panda. It didn’t seem just.

“This webpage is not useful–it is a random person’s self-published post.

Self-published post? I’m with you. Not useful? I disagree.

Now, long-time readers of this blog are well aware that my writing mainly is about the Spelling Bee and about woodworking projects. There are a lot of crossword posts, too, but I don’t do them as regularly as I used to due to increased demands on my time.

But there are many posts on here that are about real issues. One series is about the Trump-era change to add a fee to asylum seekers. I don’t think that it has changed under Biden, but I hope that it will.

Another topic is Prop 22.

I hadn’t read the post since around the time it was published in August of last year, and when I reread it, it was better than I’d remembered. It started from an email I’d received from Lyft that seemed sketchy. And I remembered a lesson my folks taught me from an early age about being educated by a salesperson: The salesperson is interested in making a sale, so it’s important to think critically about the the content of the pitch and that it’s OK not to buy right then.

So I broke down the sales pitch nature of the Lyft email and how absurd it was. I also shared independent research I’d done to satisfy my own curiosity. I’m biased, but of all the stuff I’ve written, that one was a good post!

The alternatives to Sad Panda were either too reliable or too conspiracy theory-ey.

I reached out to the University of San Francisco librarian who seemed to be in charge of the program to see how she even found me. She claimed to have found me on google. I don’t even know how I rated at such a high level on google.

But I expressed how at first I didn’t think it was fair to confine the classifications to those four because it prohibited the combination of self-published and helpful but that then I realized that it was a group projects thing that would require a conversation about which category to choose.

So it’s good that there are so few categories. And it’s great that mine isn’t clearly in one category.

While my post really must be Sad Panda if restricted to these options, it should be in the conversation for Open Eye. It should be far from Poison and nowhere close to Mola Ram.

Mola Ram from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

All in all, my dad was proud that he saw my sister’s employer (Los Angeles Times) on the second tab and my blog on the third. Both his children represented in an assignment from a school none of us has attended.

Happy birthday to Darren!

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