NYT Spelling Bee 5-28-21 final

I started listening to the Planet Money Podcast again. I had listened to hundreds of episodes of it when they were new and then stopped listening at some point. I think it was when I stopped using my iPod. If I still had iTunes, I’d be able to pinpoint when that was. I started yesterday with the first episode. And the first episode was in September of 2008. I was still a teenager back then. Crazy. Lehman hadn’t yet fallen; Bear Stearns had. There was advice that WaMu would probably be OK. Then, of course, Lehman was gone, and WaMu disappeared. I still remember when Washington Mutual bought Home Savings & Loan because I went with my grandpa to what had been the Great Western Bank, as they moved his safe deposit box over there from Home Savings & Loan. Then Washington Mutual became WaMu, and then WaMu because dead and then Chase. I know what ends up happening in the financial crisis, but to hear real-time reactions is a little spooky. I’m in October 2008 now. They approved the bailout after some failed attempts.

Yesterday I missed FAUN, FAUNAL, and FILIAL.

Meatier Misses

FILLIP: Something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.

From etymonline:

fillip (v.)

mid-15c., philippen “to flip something with the fingers, snap the fingers,” possibly of imitative origin. As a noun, from 1520s, fyllippe.

I hadn’t heard this word before, and I feel meh about it.

FINIAL: A distinctive ornament at the apex of a roof, pinnacle, canopy, or similar structure in a building.

Today’s summary

Letters: NADEHOP
Final score: 55 words for 232 points.
Genius minimum: 216 points.
First word: HAPPENED.

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