NYT Spelling Bee 5-31-21 final

Th final installment of Calah’s cushions project drops tomorrow at 10am! It’s worth reading her series on it. The chairs as they are now are remarkable. Very comfortable. As though I needed even more reasons to feel lucky that she’s agreed to marry me. But I won’t get sappy here because vomit emoji, right?

Yesterday I missed BELITTLE, BILLY, BYTE, and LIBELEE.

Meatier Miss

BETEL: The leaf of an Asian evergreen climbing plant that is used in the East as a mild stimulant. Parings of areca nut, lime, and cinnamon are wrapped in the leaf, which is then chewed, causing the saliva to go red and, with prolonged use, the teeth to go black.

Oh noes. This is the thing of nightmares that I’ve missed before. Calah and I just watched a few episodes of The Amazing Race before I finished writing this blog, and pictures of this is not what I need right now. But since I had to look to remind myself, I’m bringing you down with me. You know, in the spirit of sharing and community.

From India’s Cancer Journal.

Today’s summary

Letters: TDEGHIL
Final score: 44 words for 218 points.
Genius minimum: 188 points.
First word: LIGHTED.

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