NYT Spelling Bee 6-4-21 final

The weekend’s here! I got to genius before I got the pangram again. Then I got the pangram, so I’ve decided I’m done with this for today. This will push my posting streak to 241. I like that I can schedule posts to go out at specified times, but it does mean more writing in advance. This post is being written Friday afternoon for posting at 11:58pm. After this, I’ll write tomorrow’s post that will go out at 10am. I’m still trying to decide the topic.

Yesterday I missed CLINIC, CLINK, ENTENTE, KILN, KNELL, LIEN, NETTLE, NINETEEN, and TELNET. Why TELNET is there and ALEE, YADA, and YADDA aren’t is beyond me. Get with it, Ezersky!

Meatier Misses

LINNET: A mainly brown and gray finch with a reddish breast and forehead.

For some reason, captions are broken in WordPress. The above image is from Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

Today’s summary

Letters: DAEGOPY
Final score: 47 words for 192 points.
Genius minimum: 172 points.
First word: PAYDAY.
Pangram: PEDAGOGY.

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