NYT Spelling Bee 6-6-21 final

Last night was fun. It was really nice to be around people again. I did most of this puzzle on the way back last night, and that was convenient.

It allowed me to work on my golf shoes a little today. See, I my good golf shoes had been stolen out of my car years ago. They were Adidas Samba Golf shoes. They don’t make them anymore and haven’t for years. So when I came across the Golfkicks kickstarter, I supported it as a thing that would allow me to get royal blue Adidas Sambas and turn them into golf shoes. I still haven’t found Adidas Sambas in royal blue, but I had attached them to other shoes as a test run prior to the pandemic. The problem was that the nylon screw sheared easily, and that meant the cleat popped off.

After too many had shorn, I contacted the Golfkicks folks, and they sent me a new box. But that was before they started making the screws out of metal.

I installed the new ones into another pair of shoes, but the one time I’d gone to the driving range with them, a cleat popped off. Today I got to reattach one. If it works, I guess I’ll do that when each of the others pops off?

Yesterday I missed LOLLIPOP, LOLLOP, and POMELO.

Meatier Misses

POLEMIC: A strong verbal or written attack on someone or something.
CELLI: Plural of cello. But MOLEPEOPLE wasn’t an acceptable word!!!!
MOIL: Work hard.
PELLICLE: A thin skin, cuticle, membrane, or film.

Today’s summary

Letters: YAEHNOP
Final score: 18 words for 95 points.
Genius minimum: 95 points.
First word: HYENA.
Pangram: PAYPHONE.

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