NYT Spelling Bee 6-9-21 final

To pick up from yesterday’s story of the chairs, I did not get them. The person who posted never replied. I had sent one email, and after a while of hearing nothing, I sent a follow-up. Then I looked at around 9:30pm and saw that the post was still up. So I sent an email that I saw the post was still up and that I may be able to pick up the chairs then and wouldn’t have to wait till morning. Rather than getting a reply like, “Sorry! Someone else grabbed the chairs!” I just saw that the post was taken down. They were cool chairs, too. Too bad the person who posted couldn’t send a simple reply like a normal human being.

The post said that the cushions were custom made, so the lack of reply wasn’t the only egregious display of indecency.

Doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed, though.

Yesterday I missed NONCOMBATANT (the second pangram), AMMO, BAMBOO, MOON, MOOT, NONCOM, and TOMCAT.

Meatier Misses

BANTAM: Small chickens, often with pants!

That led to this adorable video:

Today’s summary

Letters: FACEING
Final score: 21 words for 102 points.
Genius minimum: 102 points.
First word: FACING.
Pangram: EFFACING.

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