NYT Spelling Bee 6-16-21 final

Today was the second Spectrum outages. Today they said it was a node issue. Yesterday they said that the issue I was having required a technician to come out to me. Right. That’s gonna happen for a thing that isn’t an issue on my end.


Meatier Misses

BANYAN: An Indian fig tree whose branches produce aerial roots that later become accessory trunks. A mature tree may cover several acres in this manner.

I know this tree but wanted to share pictures of it. Especially now that I have captions back.

From lahainatown.com.

This banyan tree in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii covers almost two acres and has 16 trunks. It was planted in 1873.

And they light it each December after 6500 lights are strung through it.

Today’s summary

Letters: TACDIRY
Final score: 33 words for 158 points.
Genius minimum: 156 points.
First word: DART.
Pangram: ACRIDITY.

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