NYT Spelling Bee 6-19-21 final

It’s Juneteenth today. I am among those who had not heard of Juneteenth until recently. The Atlanta episode about it is very well done. I saw it last year, and now I see that it’s half a decade old. I used to wish my friend Mitchell a happy 6/19 because he’s from San Diego, and the are code is 619. Now I know more.

Yesterday I missed ALTAR (after bragging about getting all the wedding words), ATILT, LAITY, MARTYR, RARITY, RATTAIL, RATTLY, TATAMI, TRIAL, and TRIMLY.

Meatier Misses

LARIAT: A rope used as a lasso or for tethering.

From Taben Western Products: Only $144.99 $119.99

MITRAL: Denoting or relating to the mitral valve.
TAMARI: A variety of rich, naturally fermented soy sauce.

Today’s summary

Letters: MACGHIN
Final score: 31 words for 186 points.
Genius minimum: 176 points.
First word: MACHINING.

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