NYT Crossword 6-21-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I was on a record-setting pace today, but then it all went awry. But the good news is that now I’m on a 15-day streak. It’s the longest streak I’ve been on ever because I now do the Saturdays.

I pulled out 62A Longtime Yankees manager Joe: TORRE because back in 2017, I wanted to go to a World Series game with Ari. It was either Game 1 or Game 2 when tickets were unobtainable, and someone advised that, “Even Joe Torre couldn’t get tickets to this game.” At the time, Joe Torre was no longer the manager of the Yankees and no longer the manager of the Dodgers. Rather, he was the MLB’s Chief Baseball Officer. A lofty new title for the role of VP for Baseball Operations. We ended up going to Game 6.

I liked todays theme. It wasn’t as good as yesterday’s. But how can I compare?

20A Capable of floating, as a balloon: LIGHTER THAN AIR.
32A Sanctimonious: HOLIERTHANTHOU.
39A Imposing and then some: LARGERTHANLIFE.
52A “Let’s put things in perspective” … or a title for this puzzle: ITSALLRELATIVE.

Well, I guess that’s how I can compare.

Finished this one in 6:44.

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