NYT Crossword 6-22-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

After many tries by me and much delay by them, Williams-Sonoma finally reached out to ask about us setting up a time to go in for registry stuff. Clearly they don’t have their act together. Their olivewood bowls split apart, they reach out in a timely manner, and they closed the giant Beverly Hills store that was actually good. Sad that Williams-Sonoma has gone that way.

I pulled out 16A Instrument that an orchestra tunes to: OBOE because I didn’t know that. I always think of the violin, but that would be a terrible thing to tune to. Woodwinds should have fixed notes. Strings have, well, strings. And strings stretch. Now I wonder if calypso bands tune to panpipes. Now that would be something to see. But not really to hear because they’re pretty quiet.

The theme of this one is kinda like the fishhook one. I’m not exactly sure how to do this one, since it goes across so many, but I guess I’ll do it the short way.

23A Classic Led Zeppelin song represented by the ascending circled letters and this answer: HEAVEN.

Because STAIRWAY and

61A Classic AC/DC song represented by the falling circled letters and this answer: HELL.

Because HIGHWAY and

29D With 36-Down, intersection … as suggested by the circled letters in the middle of this puzzle?: CROSS ROADS. Because a highway is a road, and a stairway is also wait a second, a stairway isn’t a road!

It’s too bad it’s more than two months after 4/20 because could you imagine this joke: Ever notice that you stare on a highway but get high on a stairway? Crazy.

Finished this one in 10:17.

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