NYT Crossword 6-23-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

Finally done with work late Tuesday night, so I’ve done the crossword. But by now, my eyelids are very heavy. Very, very heavy. Not fun. It’s good I’m writing the top part at the end or this post mainly would be z’s.

I pulled out 18A The Aggies of the Mountain West Conference: UTAHSTATE because I was pretty confident in TEXASAANDM. But then that couldn’t be because only TEXASANDM fits. Also not the proper league.

Runner-up is 67A Is the pope Catholic?: YES. Amazing.

The circle theme continues today.

3D Author of “Jurassic Park”: MICHA(ELCRIC)HTON.
10D Fleeting romantic interest: F(LAVO)ROFTHEWEEK.
15D “Beats me!”: IHAV(ENOC)LUE.
22D Shift blame to someone else: PASSTH(EBUC)K.

26D “Get it together!” … or a hint to the highlighted letters: SHAPEUP.

Because (ELCRIC) -> CIRCLE.
and (LAVO) -> OVAL.
and (ENOC) -> CONE.
and (EBUC) -> BUCK.

And on the topic of shaping up, how can Will Shortz let such a glaring wrong thing just slip by? There are no colored squares! There are circles.

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