NYT Spelling Bee 6-23-21 final

Some exciting news first: I now have a table saw. It’s a small table saw, but it’s a table saw nonetheless. That should greatly impact the projects I can do and am doing, and that will be reflected in future posts on the weekly Tuesday morning woodworking blog.

Yesterday I missed AIRBALL (appropriately), ALIBI (my mind was elsewhere), BAILOR, BARB, BILABILAL, BILLIARD, BRAD, BRIAR, LABIA, and LABIAL.

Meatier Misses

ARBORIO: A variety of round-grained rice produced in Italy and used in making risotto.
BIRADIAL: having both bilateral and radial symmetry
RAILBIRD: A spectator, especially one at a horse race who watches from the railings along the track.

Railbirds at the Railbird Festival. It’s so meta!

Today’s summary

Letters: PAHORTY
Final score: 37 words for 154 points.
Genius minimum: 153 points.
First word: POOP.
Last word: PARATROOP.
Pangram: ATROPHY.

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