NYT Crossword 6-24-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

This one took a long time, especially considering that last Thursday was 16:41. When I finally figured out the theme, things started to fall into place. And I kept up the streak that’s now up to 18 days.

I pulled out 37A Aster relative: TANSY because I’d never heard of TANSY. I’d tried PANSY, but that would make 25D Moved up the corporate ladder, say: GOTAHEAD incorrectly be GOPAHEAD, and even that wouldn’t get by Will Shortz.

Tansy from the The Spruce.
Asters from The Spruce.
Pansies from The Spruce.

Yeah, pansies and tansies don’t look remotely close. But asters and tansies look similar.

This is one of those puzzles with a multi-letter word in a square.

1D Fool: PIN(HEAD).
25D Moved up the corporate ladder, say: GOTA(HEAD).
32D Embark on the Oregon Trail, say: (HEAD)WEST.
59D Piece of equipment for a telemarketer: (HEAD)SET.
19A In-flight call?: (HEAD)SORTAILS. Because you call it in the air.
28A “That’s ridonculous”: SHAKINGMY(HEAD).
45A “Someone’s going to pay for this!”: (HEAD)SWILLROLL.
55A Lucy van Pelt’s frequent outburst to Charlie Brown … or how to fill some squares in this puzzle?: YOUBLOCK(HEAD).

Finished this one in 50:09.

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