NYT Crossword Puzzle 6-25-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

Wow what a packed day today, and now I’m typing really fast to get this out. I have my 19-day streak going, and I’m really proud of that. Tomorrow’s puzzle probably won’t be easy, but bring. it. on.

I pulled out 38A Stub hub?: TOE because it’s so true! And so painful! There aren’t enough swear words in the English language. Good thing there are more languages.

Special mention to 55A Question that’s rarely a sign of good news: CANWETALK because I shared with Calah my answer early on:

but sometimes it’s a blessing!

and she shook her head said that it probably was not that. And then she said, “It’s probably ‘CANWETALK.'” And it was! Amazing.

Themeless today. I miss the circles.

Finished this one in 28:11.

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