NYT Crossword Puzzle 6-26-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

Woohoo! Three Saturdays in a row! It says 1 DAY STREAK, but that’s nonsense. I finished at about 11pm here in LA, and that’s well into Sunday in New York, but I still get my Saturday as a Saturday.

I pulled out 7D Tropical island whose name comes from the Spanish for “snows”: NEVIS because I hadn’t known what Nevis was. Other than the partner of St. Kitts, of course. Now I know. But only kinda. I don’t have time to look into it and write about it right now. I’ll get around to writing about it later.

There wasn’t a theme I could detect in this one, but there were some all-the-way-across answers.

15A Hyperbole from one approaching the buffet: ICOULDEATAHORSE. Confused at this. I thought that’s a thing you say when you’re hungry and are asked to what degree. It also would be weird to say, “I could eat a moose,” because mousse is meh. Go for the ice cream and brownies for dessert.
17A Literary team playing in front of “ten thousand eyes”: THEMUDVILLENINE. There was no joy, though.
34A Like popping bubble wrap, for many: ODDLYSATISFYING. Maybe watching someone finish a long bubble wrap sheet is oddly satisfying. Doing it yourself is fun as shit!
55A “Can you be less cryptic?”: CARETOELABORATE. I think this is the second time in recent weeks that this passive-aggressive statement has been in the crossword. I don’t like it.
58A Times when NPR listeners are engrossed enough to linger in their idling cars. I had never heard this phrase before.

Finished this one in 46:38.

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