NYT Crossword Puzzle 6-27-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

Like I said yesterday, the streak is alive. And now it’s up to three full weeks. Which is bananas.

I pulled out 21A Homemade headgear for pretend pirates: PAPERHATS because I didn’t think about paper hats in a long time, but as the wedding draws nearer, I feel like pretending to be pirates will be part of my life in the foreseeable future.

This isn’t even pandering to a specific dedicated reader of this blog.

The title of this puzzle is Gravity’s Rainbow, and the theme had to do with rainbows. Falling.

95A Mars and 96D ___ River, part of the Texas/Oklahoma border: THE(RED)PLANET.
56A Fruit with crimson-colored flesh and 58D Southern California county: BLOOD(ORANGE).
39A 1966 Donovan hit and 42D Chicken: MELLOW(YELLOW).
6A Spruce or fir and 10D Fresh, in a sense: EVER(GREEN)TREE.
43A Sinatra, to fans and 45D Racy: OL(BLUE)EYES.
60A Popular folk rock duo and “Mood _” (Duke Ellington classic): (INDIGO)GIRLS.
100A Harmful bits of sunlight and State flower of Illinois or New Jersey: ULTRA(VIOLET)RAYS.

Finished this one in 51:05

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