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Woodworking: Step-Up End Table Pair Project (Part 3)

The next part to address was the upper portion of the step-up end tables.

The starting point for the 1/4-sheet palm sander.

The top part of the 1/4-sheet palm sander with its own giant rings. I’m thinking more vases.

I had wanted to treat both tables equally and really test the sanders, but it became very apparent with the second table that I could not in every respect. And for that reason, I must focus this post on the second table.

See, the top part of the step-up table was cracked. I saw daylight through a seam. The glue had lost integrity.

Crack is wack.
Super wack.

So I did what I do in these situations: I broke the board in half. I feel like there’s a video somewhere of that, but I cannot find it.

All it takes a whack.

I know to get rid of the old glue before gluing up boards. In the past, I’ve used sandpaper. Then I switched to a sanding block. It never lines up properly. It’s annoying. I always worry about ending up with a rail when I start out with a table. And that was happening with this board.

Gotta get that glue off, but it’s gone awry.

So I stopped myself and tried to find out how I could just do it right. I figured there had to be a woodshop around here somewhere that has a jointer.

But I started with reddit to see what the folks there recommend.

Many people recommended getting a hand plane. So I researched hand planes. But what would I need a big plane for afterward? I already had a mini plane. I used the mini plane to chamfer the edges of the seat cushion boards. The mini plane had no hope of creating the edge I wanted.

So back it was to try to find woodshops in the area because I really didn’t want to mess around with this part of it.

House of Hardwood no longer offers use of their jointer as a service. That had been my go-to. But only in my mind, really. I remembered that someone who also had made a chessboard in my woodshop class the summer after 6th grade had taken his chessboard to House of Hardwood to run it through the planer so he didn’t have to do it by hand. I was proud to have hand planed my chessboard. I still am. But what with no plane and such a small job, I was OK with letting someone else handle it.

Finally I found Angel City Woodshop. They make amazing stuff. Truly remarkable.

Paul agreed to straighten out for me what I’d screwed up, and that saved me in this project.

He’s really nice, and the stuff I saw in progress in the shop was superlative. I recommend Angel City Woodshop for their kindness and craftsmanship. There’s no sacrifice in either quality.

When I got home, I glued up the board.

Back on track and glued up.
Clamping two.
Five clamps should do it.

Back on track with the two tables at the same stage. I would have had something a lot worse had I not stopped myself and gotten the help I needed.

More next week!

NYT Spelling Bee 6-21-21 final

Calah has said to me over the past few days that she really wants to go to the beach on Sunday. Now, Sunday is her birthday, and recently plans that we’d had with friends for that day were postponed. I showed little interest in the beach and hoped she’d drop it. She didn’t drop it. I realized I had no choice but to express my frustration. I asked her why she had to be such a nudnik. And in response to her protests that it will be a nice day to go to the beach, I said that I had gotten new brake pads for the bike because I had wanted to surprise her early Sunday morning with a bicycle ride at the beach. She’s happy we’ll get to go. So am I.


Meatier Misses

COVEY: A small party or flock of birds, especially partridge.

Learn more about the Gray Partridge on allaboutbirds!

Today’s summary

Letters: RADKLWY
Final score: 19 words for 78 points.
Genius minimum: 78 points.
First word: AWKWARD.

NYT Crossword 6-21-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I was on a record-setting pace today, but then it all went awry. But the good news is that now I’m on a 15-day streak. It’s the longest streak I’ve been on ever because I now do the Saturdays.

I pulled out 62A Longtime Yankees manager Joe: TORRE because back in 2017, I wanted to go to a World Series game with Ari. It was either Game 1 or Game 2 when tickets were unobtainable, and someone advised that, “Even Joe Torre couldn’t get tickets to this game.” At the time, Joe Torre was no longer the manager of the Yankees and no longer the manager of the Dodgers. Rather, he was the MLB’s Chief Baseball Officer. A lofty new title for the role of VP for Baseball Operations. We ended up going to Game 6.

I liked todays theme. It wasn’t as good as yesterday’s. But how can I compare?

20A Capable of floating, as a balloon: LIGHTER THAN AIR.
32A Sanctimonious: HOLIERTHANTHOU.
39A Imposing and then some: LARGERTHANLIFE.
52A “Let’s put things in perspective” … or a title for this puzzle: ITSALLRELATIVE.

Well, I guess that’s how I can compare.

Finished this one in 6:44.

DayThis WkBestAverage

NYT Spelling Bee 6-20-21 final

Happy Father’s Day! Hooray for family and when we get to see them again.

I’d been working a long time on today’s crossword, and I’m struggling to get this post out before midnight.

An interesting note about the street sweeping rules in Los Angeles is that the switch to first/third or second/fourth whichever day of the week of the month has created something I think is applicable this week. Tomorrow is the third Monday of the month, so street sweeping for the first/third Monday have parking restrictions tomorrow. But Tuesday is the fourth Tuesday of the month, so I think there’s no street sweeping on the same streets the following day.


Meatier Misses

CAIMAN: A semiaquatic reptile similar to the alligator but with a heavily armored belly, native to tropical America.

From Loveland Living Planet Aquarium: Eats fish, crabs, frogs, and small mammals.

MAHIMAHI??????? Not one word. Get outta here! Unbelievable.

Today’s summary

Letters: CDENVOY.
Final score: 25 words for 147 points.
Genius minimum: 147 points.
First word: COVEN.

NYT Crossword 6-20-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

Sundays are so tough because you can get something wrong and hunt for it for forever. And ever. This one was crazy-long for me, though most of it was not dedicated to the crossword.

I pulled out 47A “O mio babbino caro,” e.g.: ARIA and 107D Daughter of Ned Stark on “Game of Thrones”: ARYA because I’m irritated at ARIA and ARYA happening in the same place.

The title of the puzzle is Familiar Surroundings, and the theme clues were enjoyable to me.

23A Prisoner accidentally causes a power outage?: CONCONFUSESFUSES.
37A Southern university beefs up campus security?: ELONELONGATESGATES.
54A Fellow imposes a strict palm fruit regimen?: MANMANDATESDATES.
78A Actress de Armas writes “Mr. Gas” and “Ms. Rag”?: ANAANANAGRAMSGRAMS.
94A Smartphone advises on poker bets? APPAPPRAISESRAISES.
112A Doctor acquires antibiotics?: PROPROCURESCURES.

It’s like a before and after.

I’d write more, but I have to get the Spelling Bee post done, and this has taken me a while.

DayThis WkBestAverage

NYT Spelling Bee 6-19-21 final

It’s Juneteenth today. I am among those who had not heard of Juneteenth until recently. The Atlanta episode about it is very well done. I saw it last year, and now I see that it’s half a decade old. I used to wish my friend Mitchell a happy 6/19 because he’s from San Diego, and the are code is 619. Now I know more.

Yesterday I missed ALTAR (after bragging about getting all the wedding words), ATILT, LAITY, MARTYR, RARITY, RATTAIL, RATTLY, TATAMI, TRIAL, and TRIMLY.

Meatier Misses

LARIAT: A rope used as a lasso or for tethering.

From Taben Western Products: Only $144.99 $119.99

MITRAL: Denoting or relating to the mitral valve.
TAMARI: A variety of rich, naturally fermented soy sauce.

Today’s summary

Letters: MACGHIN
Final score: 31 words for 186 points.
Genius minimum: 176 points.
First word: MACHINING.

NYT Crossword 6-19-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

Wow! Two Saturdays in a row! And this Saturday puzzle was substantially faster than yesterday’s Friday was. And it’s a new PR for a Saturday.

I pulled out 16A “You caught me”: I LIED because it took me a long time to get there. It’s not what I had expected that answer to be. It’s kinda lame? I think that a better clue would be Busted!

The theme of this puzzle was not-as-hard-as-Friday?

There were a lot of long answers.

1A Take pregame shots?: TRASHTALK.

WARNING: NSFW. Strong language.

15A Person who will do anything for you, in modern slang: RIDEORDIE. Calah got this one immediately.

17A Cold, caramel-colored concoction: ICEDLATTE.
61A Firewall target: ADULTSITE.
65A Leave space for someone running late, say: SAVEASEAT. Saving seats soon will be a thing again. And then immediately outlawed again.
67A 2004 comedy written by Tina Fey: MEANGIRLS. I hadn’t realized that was her thing!
12D It goes for a short run: MINISERIES. Or the show Pitch. I hate Joe Buck. And the show was terrible.
13D “Can’t argue that”: SEEMSLEGIT. Checks out.
14D Something released while skydiving: ADRENALINE. This one was difficult for me. EXTRALINE? PARACHUTE?
26D Nintendo offering with more than 10 installments: MARIOPARTY. I am terrible at Smash Bros. Always have been. Mario Party has a lot of different games.
27D “Lemme see!”: IWANNALOOK.
28D Del Monte or Green Giant product: CANNEDCORN. I had CANNEDPEAS for a while.

Finished this one in a record-setting 27:43.

DayThis WkBestAverage
person holding blue and clear ballpoint pen

Survey says?

I routinely sign up for focus groups, but just as frequently, they say no.

Until Friday.

A focus group study has said that I can participate!


I can’t tell you what it is yet, but they value my opinion! Hooray!

More information to follow, unless I sign an NDA (likely), but be happy for me about this.

Sorry this is such a short post, but there will be more tonight.

Spoiler alert!

I started the Saturday crossword already (Friday), and I hope to have it done tonight.

NYT Spelling Bee 6-18-21 final

Well the stock market sure went all crazy this week! Closing down a bunch, which is fine, I guess. I have had confidence in oil for the moment (that is to say before we all ditch fossil fuels completely by the year 2095), but the market may prove me very, very wrong.

Also the new Spelling Bee app doesn’t show the updated genius status. What a ripoff. Get it together, Ezersky!


Memorable Makes

Since the words I listed are words we all know, I figured I’d use this time to point out a couple big successes.

First, I got NINE and NINETEEN. That’s pretty much never happened in the history of the world.

Second, today I got words related to betrothal. MARITAL, MARITALLY, and TIARA (amirite about that last one, fellas?!). Certain to make Calah happy that I remembered marriage words. If I don’t post on Sunday, she didn’t care for the last one, so send help, please.

Today’s summary

Letters: TAILMRY
Final score: 41 words for 196 points.
Genius minimum: 190 points.
First word: MILITARY.

NYT Crossword 6-18-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

When I looked at the grid of this puzzle, I thought I’d never finish it. I showed it to Calah, and she just laughed and laughed. Well, I showed her! I finished the thing. And it’s only 10pm now. This pushes me to a 12-day streak.

I pulled out 41D Trump is named in it: EUCHRE because I was racking my brain to figure out what Donald Trump wasn’t named in. But then I realized it was a card game. You know, rather than a house of cards. AMIRITE?!

I think the theme of this puzzle is long.

1A Bill Bryson book subtitled “Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail”: AWALKINTHEWOODS.
16A Give a scolding: CALLONTHECARPET. I had never heard about calling someone on the carpet before.
17A Show whose logo replaces an “o” with a diamond ring: THEBACHELORETTE. The Bachelor didn’t fit. Bachelor in Paradise didn’t fit. Ninety Day Fiancé did fit, but it was wrong. Calah recommended The Bachelorette both to watch and to put in as an answer.
32A High-risk game: RUSSIANROULETTE. I realize that if you call anything Russian, it makes it sounds super sinister.
51A Products of Under Armour and Nike: ATHLETICAPPAREL. I’d been convinced the answer ended in PANTS. But it was never pants.
55A “Could you give more detail?”: CARETOELABORATE. One of those seems like it would get an answer. The other seems like it could yield a right hook. I’m not going to say which is which, but definitely the passive-aggressive on is care to elaborate.
57A Certain summer attire: SLEEVELESSDRESS.

Finished this one in 56:13. Super slow for me for a Friday.

I’ve decided to add this grid of my times.

DayThis WeekBestAverage
Almost twice average for today.