NYT Crossword Puzzle National Junk Food Day (contains spoilers)

Appropriately, I’ve solved this while eating peanut m&m’s by the handful. But one color at a time. That’s how I know that Calah really likes the blue m&m’s. (“Where are all the blue m&m’s?! Did you eat all of them?! The clear Costco box looks so weird without the blue ones!”) So now I’m getting rid of all the green ones so I can call it the autumn mix.

I pulled out 48A Choice seating at a theater: LOGE because I have an anti-loge bias. It’s not my fault. Or maybe it is. I don’t know.

At Dodger Stadium, the close seats are Field Level while the section above that is the Loge Level. There are levels above Loge, but if you get tickets at the right time, the Field Level seats are not expensive.

Now, we had Loge seats for the first Dodger game I ever went to. It was a midsummer Friday game. A season ticket holder gave my dad four tickets, so we went. I brought my glove in case I could catch a foul ball. No such luck, and that’s held up for more than two decades.

We stayed maybe two innings and then booked it. We got as much baseball as we could get before Shabbat started.

But overall, I find Field Level to be far superior.

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