NYT Spelling Bee 7-3-21 final

Since tomorrow will be a busy day, I knew that I would have to do as much as I could for this blog tonight. I hoped for an easy-ish Saturday crossword puzzle and a fine/fun Sunday crossword and for a Spelling Bee with a genius minimum of like 64 points instead of like 224. After all today is the latest Shabbat ends all year at 8:50pm. And I have to wake up early-early tomorrow. To my dismay, this was in excess of what I had dreaded as an upper bound.

But it went by surprisingly quickly. It’s 11:04 right now, and I’ve finished the Saturday and Sunday crossword puzzles and this puzzle. I don’t think I’ve stood up in the last two hours, and that’s probably not a good thing. Also I’ve been typing a lot during this time, and I should probably take a break. But I also have to sleep so, here I continue.

Yesterday I missed BOGEYMEN, the pangram, BONE, MONEYMEN, MONONYM, and YEOMEN.

Meatier Misses

With all the writing I have left to do tonight, I’m kinda lucky that I only missed pretty easy stuff. I’m off to write the Sunday NYTXW blog now that will post at 7:30 tomorrow morning yay!

Today’s summary

Letters: NAEDIPX
Final score: 47 words for 246 points.
Genius minimum: 241 points.
First word: PANDA.
Last word: DEPENDED.
Pangram: APPENDIX.

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