NYT Crossword Puzzle 7-4-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

Happy Independence Day! And see? I told you yesterday that the streak was alive. Now it’s up to 28 days.

I pulled out 120A Result of a snow day: NOCLASS for more than one reason. As a SoCal native and resident, I have never experienced a snow day. I went to college in Santa Barbara, and the rainy day footwear choice was easy because flip-flops take the least time to dry.

Greetings from Santa Barbara, CA back in like 2010.

Also I heard that Covid killed the snow day. Now that classes have been conducted remotely for so long, they don’t have to stop everything just because it’s snowing outside.

A pun-themed puzzle is a good way to celebrate America’s independence.

22A Upbeat sentry’s emotion?: GAURDEDOPTIMISM. I’d thought cautious over guarded, but it didn’t fit.
37A Bacteriologist’s emotion upon a new discovery?: CULTURESHOCK.
55A Novice window-washer’s emotion?: HIGHANXIETY.
76A Jester’s emotion after the king’s laughter?: COMICRELIEF.
90A Wild horse’s emotion?: UNBRIDLEDJOY.
110A Cat’s emotion while sitting in its human’s lap?: CREATURECOMFORT.

Finished this one in 32:16 and brought my Sunday average down below an hour.

DayThis WkBestAverage

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