NYT Crossword Puzzle 7-8-21 Complete (contains spoilers)

I started this one last night and figured out the theme before solving all the theme clues!

I pulled out 29A Jules who lent his name to an article of attire: LEOTARD because I had gotten _____RD and was certain it was JACQUARD. But that wasn’t the answer. Instead, it was this man:

Circuses and Sideshows and legends: Jules Leotard.

And JACQUARD wouldn’t even fit. Not that that really mattered in this puzzle.

(How about that for a transition to the theme?)

17A Fashionable: AL(AM/FM)ODE. ALAMODE! I thought this meant it comes with ice cream.
3D Not amplified, in a way: OFF(AM/FM)IKE. OFFMIKE.
21A Coffee liqueur originally from Jamaica: TIAMARIA.

This is all new to me!

10D Rich, but not born that way: SEL(AM/FM)ADE. SELFMADE.
56A 2001 Broadway hit with an exclamation mark in its name: MAMM(AM/FM)IA. MAMMAMIA!
43D Certain flag position: HAL(AM/FM)AST. HALFMAST?????? NO. NONONONONONNO. A sail can be at half-mast. A flag can be a half-staff. Idiot Will Shortz. I was gonna let the exclamation mark thing go, but now I can’t.

62A Something to meditate on: YOG(AM/FM)AT. YOGAMAT.
49D Figure in a horror film: WOL(AM/FM)AN. WOLFMAN!

39A It can be two-way … with a hint to four squares in this puzzle: RADIO.

Finished this one in 33:31.

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